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  1. First, come check us out on any Friday night from 7:00 - 9:30 at the Hackettstown Community Center and see if you like what we're about.
  2. Like Us? Great! The cost to join is $35.00, and then $25.00 per student monthly
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What We Offer:

Scholarship Fund

All active Corps members have a scholarship fund set up for them upon joining. Members earn money for their scholarship by attending weekly practices, participating in parades and events, and passing their musical levels. For students who join the Corps early and participate often, scholarships are usually big enough upon their graduation for students to buy books or laptops for college. All members receive their scholarship upon graduating high school. 


All uniforms are provided by the Colonial Musketeers at no charge. This includes jacket, vest, gaiters, pants, hat, and bib. Members earn their uniform by passing a marching test. This usually occurs within a month of joining the Corps.


Upon joining, the Corps provides new members with a plastic fife or set of drumsticks, and a Level 1 music folder. As members pass their music levels, they earn a full music binder, a wooden fife, and permission to take home practice drums.

Professional Music Instruction

Potential members don't need any musical training before joining. We teach them everything from drum rudiments and note reading to embouchure and sight-reading.  Each week, students learn music in groups and one-on-one with their instructors to advance through our six levels of songs. As members pass each musical level, they earn privileges and rewards such as gaining their full musical binder, receiving a wooden fife or ability to carry a drum in parades, and earning more money for their scholarship funds. 

Marching Instruction

All members receive marching instruction upon joining the Corps. We do basic marching formations such as parade blocks, single file, and splits. By passing a marching test, members earn their uniform and are allowed to march with the Corps at parades and events. Upon completing the marching test, members will be fitted and assigned a uniform, and a hatting ceremony will take place at practice to welcome the new marching member to the next level. 

Fun ACtivities

It's not all marching and memorizing music, we also have LOTS of fun! Enjoy annual beach trips, military musters, ice cream outings, an annual Halloween mystery trip, holiday party, and much more! We build lasting friendships in our fife and drum family and have tons of fun hanging out together.

Leadership Opportunities

We have four student-leadership positions in the Corps: Fife Sergeant, Drum Sergeant, Quartermaster, and Mentor. These positions are open annually, and members can submit an application and essay for each position. Being in these positions requires extra time and commitment on the part of the student, and can be used for volunteer hours for National Honors Society or other educational volunteer requirements. 


The Corps has its own bus, "Veronica", and members and chaperones are transported to and from all events at no charge. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

To join the Corps costs $35.00.  Dues each month are $25.00.

How old do you have to be to join?

To be a member of the Corps you must be at least 8 years old.  You may remain in the Corps until you are 21.

How do I join?

Come visit the Corps on a Friday night between 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm at the Community Center on Main Street in Hackettstown, NJ.  The application form is in a packet you will receive when you visit.  Return it along with the permission slip and the $35.00 and you are in.

Do you have to make every practice?

No, we understand that life is busy, however you must minimally attend 17 practices annually, and 7 uniformed events annually (this does not include fun outings like the Halloween trip) in order to maintain your scholarship account.

What if I don't like it after I am in it?

You may resign from the Corps at any time. If you change your mind and wish to re-join, you may do so one time. However, you will forfeit any seniority rights if you do so.

How do I find out about the events?

We publish monthly calendars and events sheets with all pertinent information, and hand them out at practices. Events are posted on the homepage of the website, and we also have a phone chain. 

Do I need to know how to play or how to march before I join?

Nope! We teach you everything you need to know.

Can my parents join me on the trips, or stay around at Friday night practice?

Absolutely. We encourage parents/guardians to assist in chaperoning for events and parades, as well as staying at practice to help board members with administrative needs. It's not required for parents to stay during the duration of practice or to go to events, but we encourage everyone to get involved as much as they can. 

How do I learn how to march?

Music instructors also teach marching, so students will learn marching along with their musical instruction. 

Do you have any rules?

Of course, proper behavior is expected at all times. Upon joining, you will receive a behavior contract to be signed by both the member and their parent/guardian.

Can I march if I don't know many songs yet?

Absolutely. Once a member earns their uniform, all members are allowed to march in the parades. Students in music levels 1 & 2 can march in our color guard line carrying our flags and banners. This is great marching practice for new or younger members before putting marching and music together.  

Do I need to buy anything once I'm a member?

Yes. Once you earn your uniform, you will need to purchase a white T-shirt, black socks, and black shoes that are comfortable for marching. Anyone with long hair must also buy black hair ties or headbands for marching.  If you are a drummer, you will need to buy a practice pad, which is available at any music store; any style that you like is fine. 

How often should I practice?

 We tell all our students to practice at least 5 -  15 minutes a day. Even if it's just going over some fingerings on the bus to school, or playing a few rudiments after dinner, 5- 15 minutes a day will help students retain what they've learned on Friday nights and be ready to practice again the next week. 

What if I have some questions that this page didn't answer?

If you think of a question you would like an answer to, contact us at, or come to a practice and ask us in person!